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Informative and Reassuring

I came to see Tony after a serious lapse in judgment. He was very informative and reassuring. He made sure not to promise anything, but was honest with his assessment of my case. He made sure I knew all the possible outcomes and what options were available to me. In my circumstance, he was able to provide the best reasonably possible result and I was thankful to have hired him. I hope to not need his services again, but would absolutely go to him if needed.
– A.S.

Even the Odds

If you are facing a criminal charge you are one individual facing the considerable resources of the government—whether municipal, state or federal. You need both the tactical advantage as well as the peace of mind to know that you have your own advocate in the fight. I have dedicated my professional practice to performing that role and applying my skills in the defense of others. You need to get the odds back in your favor and I can help you do just that.

Free Consultation

Call my office at the number below for a free consultation. The details of your particular incident can fade after even a short time. Speaking to a dedicated attorney, experienced in this area of the law is the best way to make sure the most important details get retained. The sooner this happens after your arrest the better. Your side of the story is vital to effective representation and I am ready to hear it.